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Our early 2015 seminars and webinars focus on what international journals require in an article to merit its publication, and an introduction to the publishing industry in the XXI century.

Each workshop presents novel tools to graduate students, researchers and academics to help them achieve their publishing goals.

Our in-person workshops in Spanish are two hours per day Monday through Friday, and catered towards Master’s and PhD programs.

ARW´s seminars presented in Spanish are a series of 4 or more 2-hour presentations designed for authors.

We also present state of the art webinars in Spanish or English, which will be scheduled throughout the year.


Please join our first set of webinars for Master and PhD students, to be presented in February and March 2015 – Signup is below.

  • Traditional vs Open Access Publishing – March 25, 2015, 12noon ET (USA)
  • Open Access: An Introduction (in Spanish) – April 23, 2015 12noon ET (USA) 


Please join our first in person seminars for authors in México City in March 2015.

  • Science joins social media
  • What’s the perfect journal?

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