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Silvia Buntinx

“Dr. Mara Daltabuit Test is enthusiastic about science and teaching. She has made it her mission to help scientists communicate their science effectively. She knows the ins and outs of both research and scientific publication and conveys that information in fun and dynamic lectures, filled with examples. She always has good advice and likes to work closely with people. But, above all, Mara understands how difficult it is to do research in less-than-ideal conditions and why, then, it is so important for that research to see the light of day. She is the perfect ally.

Dr. Silvia Buntinx
Editor of the Veterinary Mexico OA (Veterinaria México OA) Journal
Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia, UNAM
Mexico City



“Dr. Mara Daltabuit Test organized a series of workshops at several universities and research centers. We were eCarolina Bekkerxtremely lucky to attend her workshops here at the Mexican Institute of Social Security ´IMSS La Raza.´  We believe these educational workshops are helpful in countries where English is not the first language. We certainly learned a lot.”

Dr. Vilma Carolina Bekker Méndez
Head of the Immunology and Infectology Research Unit (UIMEII)
Hospital de Infectología, Centro Medico Nacional “La Raza” IMSS
Mexico City


“I found the information given at the [ARW] Entre Pares workshop to be very valuable. I believe that I gained greater clarity regarding many logoaspects related to the publucation process from this workshop. In addition the information was relayed in a very clear and enjoyable way. I think this workshop is highly reccomendable for both postgraduate students and academics.”

Dra. Cristina Pascual Jiménez
UNAM, Unidad Sisal, Yucatán


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 3.06.48 PM“I would like to thank Dr. Mara Daltabuit Test for her recent visit to our University, and I am very happy to reccomend her courses. As a PhD in veterinary science she both understands and has experience with the difficulties that non-english speaking scientists face. The courses have been very high-quality, with up-to-date and very advanced information, as well as data about the trends to come in scientific publishing. Those who attended the courses have expressed their desire to attend courses again, and to see them expanded in the future”.

Dra. Carmen Nogareda
Director, Animal Production Dept., Universidad de Lleida



“The talks given by Dr. Ma575755_700777099934800_1780233500_nra Daltabuit have been excellent. They have helped broaden our knowledge regarding the publication process, as well as presenting great tips for scientific writing focused specifically for Spanish speakers. As an academic, I am very happy to know that there are people willing to transfer their knowledge to the next generation of scientists. As a non-native English speaker, I have benefitted immensely from the workshops and feel sure that with Dr. Daltabuit´s help my scientific advancement will be assured.

Dr. Hugo Ramírez Álvarez
Profesor, FES FES-Cuautitlán, UNAM




“As the montaña2Director of the Instituto de Ganadería de Montaña, I would like to express thanks and appreciation, on behalf of all of the scientific personnel, for the seminars delivered by Dr. Mara Daltabuit Test at our facilities.

Dr. Daltabuit gave a fantastic presentation. She enabled an interactive atmosphere in which the participants were able to express all of their doubts and questions regarding the subject matter.

As the director of this center, I am grateful to Mara Daltabuit Test for the opportunity to update our vision of the editorial process in scientific publishing, and of the tools which are available to facilitate the publication and dissemination of our results.”

Javier Giráldez, DVM, PhD
Director, Instituto de Ganadería de Montaña (CSIC-ULE)
León, España


“It´s my pleasure to recoLuismmend the seminars presented by Dr. Mara Daltabuit Test. Her seminars are collegial in nature, she knows science from the inside, and she knows the process that is needed to convert our results to into a paper which is good enough for publication in an English-language journal. She has presented two high quality seminars because she knows and understands the publishing world.  With such positive results from her seminars I have asked for more of them for my institute and other institutes at the National University.”

Dr. Luis Padilla Noriega
Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Mexico City

Dra María Laura Barreiro Arcos de Argentina

“Dr. Mara Daltabuit Test’s presentation was very clear and dynamic, providing a high quality educational experience. She shared the latest developments in international publishing as well as the important points we should focus on to be able to publish in international journals and to avoid delays in the process. She has also pointed out the most common errors when writing in English, since Spanish-speaking researchers write in a very different manner. The seminars have been extremely interesting and of great value to all of us who dedicate ourselves to scientific research and the dissemination of our scientific advances.”

Dra. María Laura Barreiro Arcos
Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas
Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Mara and Gustavo Domínguez Bernal

“It has been our pleasure to have Dr. Mara Daltabuit Test present two special seminars [on publishing]. We had a multidisciplinary group and a variety of participants, from Master’s and PhD students to professors and researchers. The general consensus was that these seminars helped us learn and reflect about many aspects of the publishing world that we did not know or had not thought about, as well as aspects that will help us succeed in getting published internationally. We all have been left feeling we want more information presented by Dr. Mara Daltabuit Test. Thank you, Mara, and we hope we can benefit from your experience again.”

Gustavo Domínguez Bernal
Vicedecano de Investigación, Transferencia y Biblioteca
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Madrid, Spain



“I would like to highly recommend Dr. Mara Daltabuit Test’s seminars. They present information on the best ways to publish a scientific paper in English. These seminars are very clear, and provide key tools to help participants succeed in the publication process. They also give insight into the context of the entire international publishing world. Finally, I would like to highlight that the knowledge that Dr. Mara Daltabuit Test offers should be disseminated throughout the Latin American scientific community, which would improve the quality of the publications and expand everyone’s access to scientific discoveries.”

Diana Carolina Hernández Castro
Instituto Nacional de Salud
Red Chagas, Colombia


“The seminars presented by Dr. Mara Daltabuit Test on scientific publication were of enormous help to our professors and students who are dedicated to research. The subjects presented are totally relevant, and Mara’s experience enables participants to understand the system of publishing in English. The seminar has even served as a motivation for us, allowing us to better organize various scientific trials for publication, since we previously were somewhat unfamiliar with the international publishing world.”

Dr. Lenin Vinueza
Centro de Transferencia y Desarrollo de Tecnologías
Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Quito, Ecuador

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